Down in Flames

Ok, so yeah....its been over a year since I last posted.  Oops.  I actually kinda forgot that I had this.  So what has been going on with me?

January 2018, accepted an internship at STC Biologics in Newton MA....yeah that is a loooooong commute but the money was decent.

June 2018, became a full-time employee at STC.  Most days the work is very interesting and engrossing, but it can be VERY stressful at times, especially when deadlines are coming up and cells aren't coorperating.

December 2018, got started on my Bastet arm tattoo.

January 2019 - life goes to hell in a hand-basket.  Husband tells me that he is moving out, we have been married 17 years.  Said that there isn't anyone else, but that he wasn't the same person that he was when we met 20 years ago and that he didn't know who he was anymore and needed to find out.

We had still been talking and, I thought, had some very nice conversations, as friends, I made sure to not talk about "us" at all since he said that he needed time.  Here I was thinking that maybe he would need 6 months to a year and then maybe we could see if we could start over...yeah....that didn't happen.

Yesterday (March 13) I get a text from him basically saying that he wants out.  He is supposed to come by to talk on Saturday, but it looks like he is shopping for divorce lawyers.  While at the moment I can afford all my bills, there is no way that I can afford a lawyer, and my car needs 13k in repairs to keep it  I will be trying to get a GoFundMe up and running to see if maybe family and the few friends that I have left can help me out a bit.....I really hate asking for help.....but I can't see any way out of this without help....

Sorry for my rant......hopefully things will get better.....will take me a long time to heal.

FML - the saga continues

Sorry that I have been MIA for so long.  Life has been throwing me a bunch of issues.  So where to begin???

Graduated in May with my Bachelor degree....thought that would lead to a job.....nope.  So I have been crocheting a lot (you can view my work at or hopefully I'll get those pics up here too in the near future.

Had a couple job interviews but keep getting passed over for people with more experience than me.....or I never hear back from them at all.

Been dealing with really bad depression (which isn't helped by the constant rejections).  I've been on 3 different meds for this, the first one gave me the shakes really bad so got that switched, the second one was fine at first but when they upped the dosage I got really bad night sweats (like just about EVERY night) so switched THAT one!  The new one I just started this week and unfortunately takes a minimum of 1-2 weeks before you start seeing any benefit to it, so needless to say, I am still in a downward spiral.  Got so bad that I didn't even want to crochet anymore and most days couldn't even find the motivation to get out of bed.  I still have pretty bad days more often than not, but at least I'm starting to crochet again.

I still deal with pretty bad back pain most days.  I started taking CBD oil which is a hemp based product that does help take the edge off of the everyday pain but doesn't help as much with the acute attacks.

LJ has been a bit of a pain the last couple of weeks.  Keeps telling me that I entered my password wrong (from the computer, my phone seems to be fine) and then locks out my IP address for a time, even when I change the password again.  FINALLY seems to be behaving itself today...we'll see how long that lasts.

Managed to screw up my shoulder yesterday...think I initially slept on it wrong and then it was exacerbated by shoveling the snow from my walkway (go figure), then to top that all off, hubby hit a patch of ice yesterday on his way into work and ended up on a curb with both the tire rod and the control arm of one side needing to be replaced, (he's ok, just has a bit of a sore neck - think he got a little whiplash).  Four hundred dollar repair that we REALLY don't have the money for, has to go on the credit card, but since we're down to one car we HAVE to fix it. Oh yeah, that was the other shitty thing that happened last car finally crapped out and even though we didn't have a payment on it anymore, it would have cost several THOUSAND to fix and she just wasn't worth that anymore, so at the end of November sold her to a junkyard.

2017 sucked and now 2018 isn't shaping up to be too much better.  Hopefully my luck will change soon.

Etsy Store Closed

Due to policy changes that I did not agree with it, I am sorry to say that I've had to close my etsy store.

Until I find another option, I will only be offering my products at faires in the New England area and through private sales.

So if you see something that you like, please feel free to send me a message and we can work out a private transaction via PayPal.

I am still taking commissions as well, so if you have an idea for something that you would like to have created (either with or without catnip), please shoot me a message and I'll see what I can do.

Currently I am only shipping within the United States due to the insanely high cost of international shipping, and the customs issues with herbs (catnip).  However, if you are interested in any of my pieces and are willing to pay the crazy shipping rates, I will work with you to create a catnip-free version of any of my creations or a custom piece.


Anarchy Bunny

Just finished this guy. Based on the character Anarchy Bunny from School Bites by Holly Golightly. HIGHLY recommend checking out this comic if you haven't yet. You can order it online at as well as check out the other AMAZING comics and art available from Broadsword Comics!